Although often appearing hot on the magazine, Baby Margaretha claimed not dare to appear openly in her latest film titled POCONG MANDI GOYANG PINGGUL. He even still nervous when I have jumped into bed. "Excuse me, the most difficult scene was in bed. A bit vulgar indeed, this is the first film I play a movie like this and for me it's a challenge," he said.

"Tense because it's my first experience on camera shoot ya. Yes, although I've often in the photo section, but a bit nervous really," he continued laughing, when met at the platers Cafe, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, not long ago.

As a magazine model, Baby has its own limitations for acting. He would not accept an offer for a hot scene. Her feel sexy when wearing bikinis and lingerie.

"Yes it was, I do not dare limit that far. I do not dare because I have parents. Anyway also communities and neighbors ugly later assessment. I was most pake sexiest bikinis and lingerie only, not to the extent that it," he said, laugh.

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